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An independent pro-market public policy think tank since 1984


There is a consensus in Israel about the need for basic structural reforms that will enable market forces to free the tremendous potential of the Israeli worker and entrepreneur. ICSEP plays a critical role in providing the know-how needed to implement these reforms and overcome resistance to them.

Awards ceremony at an economics course for new immigrants
Awards ceremony at an ICSEP economics course for new immigrants

How it's done

Following a consistent approach, ICSEP identifies crucial areas where reform is urgently needed, surveys what has already been done, and implements an array of activities, holding seminars and conferences, bringing distinguished visitors, and publishing books, pamphlets and action plans. ICSEP's target audiences are the policy-making community, new immigrants, and high school & university students.


Founded in 1983 by director Daniel Doron and run with a small administrative staff, ICSEP has an Israeli Board of Advisors of over forty of the country's leading economists, jurists and social scientists representing each of Israel's universities. ICSEP has a Friends organization both in the US, chaired by Richard Fox, Chairman of the Board of Temple University, and in the UK, presided over by David Lewis, CBE, FCA.

ICSEP distinguished guest George Melloane (far end, left), International Editor of The Wall Stree Journal, meets with Israeli newspapermen
ICSEP distinguished guest George Melloan (far end, left), International Editor of The Wall Street Journal, meets with Israeli newspapermen


When ICSEP began its work, market economics were either unknown, ignored or derided by many in Israel. ICSEP has since helped to radically alter public awareness and opinion, transforming the terms of economic policy debate in Israel.


"ICSEP has become a major forum for the examination of Israel's economic problems. Its particular importance lies in its ability to stimulate many of Israel's economic decision-makers, from all sectors of the economy, to rethink the basic premises that govern the conduct of economic affairs."
MK Uriel Lynn, former Chairman, Knesset Judicial Committee

"The audience at your law and economics conference was perhaps the most influential and outstanding group of jurists ever assembled in Israel. In my view, the conference contributed substantially to the advancement of free market ideas in Israel."
Professor Uriel Reichman, former Dean, Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law

"You have had astonishing success with ICSEP. In the short time of its activity ... you have had more influence in your country than we had in Britain in our first 10 years."
Arthur Seldon, Co-founder, Institute of Economic Affairs, London

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 About Us 


A sound economy is crucial for Israel's future. Since its inception in 1984, ICSEP has helped shape the country's consensus towards economic liberalization and deregulation.


Richard Fox, Chairman
US Board of Governors

David Lewis, CBE, FCA, President
UK Board of Governers


Daniel Doron
Daniel Doron helped found Israel's Shinui (Change) Party, serves on various economic advisory boards, and publishes regular articles in the press.

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Winner of the 2006 Templeton Award for Student Outreach and the 2005 Award for Institutional Excellence

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