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There is overwhelming agreement that ICSEP has transformed the terms of economic policy debate in Israel.

When ICSEP began its work, market economics were either unknown, ignored or derided. Today, as a result of ICSEP's continuing efforts and the growing international momentum toward market economies, public opinion has dramatically changed.

Director Daniel Doron presents incoming prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu with 'The Essential Conditions for the Renewal of Growth', an ICSEP action plan
Director Daniel Doron presents incoming prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu with "The Essential Conditions for the Renewal of Growth", an ICSEP action plan

The question Israeli policy-makers now wrestle with is not whether Israel should reduce government interference in the economy, but exactly how, where and at what speed, and mostly how to overcome resistance to change. Each of ICSEP’s conferences and seminars has attracted extensive media coverage and participants from the highest echelons of Israeli government, legal, media, business, industrial and academic circles, among them then President Chaim Herzog, Supreme Court Justices, government ministers, members of Knesset, and other leaders in their respective fields. ICSEP’s work has served as a major catalyst for budding reforms in various sectors of the Israeli economy, including:

  • Banking sector reform
  • The major drive of privatization
  • Financial market de-monopolization and deregulation
  • The successful fight against inflation
  • Tax reform
  • The release of large tracts of government-owned land for housing construction
  • The deregulation of the building industry and break-up of building materials monopolies
  • The simplification and shortening of construction and planning procedures
  • A movement towards privatization of municipal services
  • A substantial reduction of government interference in the agricultural sector
  • The privatization of the immigrants’ absorption process

    Intensely engaged in public debate—participating in forums, supplying steady streams of information, sending hundreds pieces of mail on a variety of issues to public figures, associating with like-minded economics professors in the public eye—ICSEP has gained a prominent reputation as an advocate of free markets.

 About Us 


A sound economy is crucial for Israel's future. Since its inception in 1984, ICSEP has helped shape the country's consensus towards economic liberalization and deregulation.


Richard Fox, Chairman
US Board of Governors

David Lewis, CBE, FCA, President
UK Board of Governers


Daniel Doron
Daniel Doron helped found Israel's Shinui (Change) Party, serves on various economic advisory boards, and publishes regular articles in the press.

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