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Daniel Doron, Director (
Prof. David Levhari, Director of Research, Emeritus

Board of Advisors

Public Board

David Alexander
Eli Ayalon
David Boas
Isaac Dvash
Yossi Hollander

ICSEP, founded in 1983 as an independent pro-market public policy think-tank, has an Israeli Board of Advisors comprised of over forty of the country's most distinguished economists, jurists and social scientists. ICSEP is completely non-partisan, its board members representing all Israel's universities and a broad spectrum of opinions. All Board members concur that Israel's economy needs basic structural reform.

Bar-Ilan University

Dr. Sarit Cohen-Goltner
Prof. Arieh Hillman
Prof. Yehoshua Lieberman
Prof. Yaffa Machnes
Prof.Shoshana Neuman
Prof. Yaacov Parush
Prof. Yaacov Rosenberg

Ben-Gurion University

Prof. Oded Hochman

Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center

Prof. Moshe Bar-Niv
Prof. Uriel Reichman

Haifa University

Prof. Nahum Biger
Prof. Moshe Kim
Prof. Arieh Melnick
Prof. Steven Plaut

Hebrew University

Prof. Avi Ben-Bassat
Prof. Menachem Brenner
Prof. Avraham Friedman
Prof. Dan Galai
Prof. Israel Gilad
Prof. Yoram Lanskroner
Prof. Yehushua Porat
Prof. Uriel Procaccia
Prof. Eytan Sheshinsky

The Technion

Prof. Benny Eden
Prof. Uri Ben-Zion
Prof. Moshe Bental

Tel Aviv University

Prof. Gideon Doron
Prof. Zvi Eckstein
Prof. Dan Givoli
Prof. Avner Kalay
Prof. Shlomo Kalish
Prof. Emmanuel Marx
Prof. Assaf Razin
Prof. Ephraim Sadka
Prof. Itzhak Swari
Prof. Joseph Gross

Dr. Meir Tamari
, former Chief Economist, Bank of Israel
Prof. Nava Haruvy, Netanya Academic College


ICSEP has a small core administrative staff and hires outside experts to work on each of its projects, thereby cutting costs and achieving operational flexibility and quality.

Daniel Doron, Director

ICSEP's founder and director is Daniel Doron, a third-generation sabra whose great-grandfather, Zorach Barnett, one of the first pioneers, came to Palestine from England in 1870.

Daniel Doron, Director

ICSEP’s founder and director is Daniel Doron, whose great-grandfather, Zorach Barnett, one of the first founding fathers, came to Palestine from England in 1870.

After serving in Air Force Intelligence during Israel’s War of Independence in 1948, and studying Sociology and Economics at the Hebrew University, Doron pursued a career in government (under the late Teddy Kollek, then director-general of the Prime Minister’s Office) journalism, and literature (translating James Joyce into Hebrew). In 1957 Doron was delegated by Kollek to serve as Special Consultant to the US Embassy in Tel Aviv on a US – Israel social and cultural fund.

In the 1960 he became a Fellow of the University of Chicago’s Committee on Social Thought. In 1964 he became a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University, working with Lionel Trilling and Jacques Barzun on the intellectual history of the West.

Since 1973, Doron has been involved in political and economic reform in Israel. He helped found the Shinui (Change) Party. In 1975 Doron initiated the American Jewish Committee’s first Israeli-Diaspora Task Force.

Doron represented the internationally-renowned artist Shalom of Safed, arranging his 15 museum exhibitions. His film on Shalom won several awards and represented the US in international festivals. It was described as “an art film classic”.

Since 1983, Doron has devoted all his time to economic reform through ICSEP.

Doron served on an economic advisory group for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and on the Israel Government Council for National and Economic Planning. He was a member of the Board of the Entrepreneurial Center of Tel Aviv University, and was among the founders of The Herzliya Conference, serving on its Steering Committee and initiating its economic segment. Doron is a member of the international pro-market Mont-Pelerin Society founded by Milton Friedman and Friedrich Von Hayek.

Doron has published articles in The Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, The New Republic, The Weekly Standard and National Review as well as in other US publications. He publishes regularly in the Israeli press and is a columnist for The Jerusalem Post.

Prof. David Levhari, Director of Research, Emeritus

ICSEP's Director of Research is Hebrew University Professor of Economics David Levhari, former President of the Falk Economic Research Institute and an economist of international renown.

Eran Bartal, Deputy Director

An economic editor of Makor Rishon, an Israeli weekly newspaper, and a business organizational consultant, Mr. Bartal has managed ICSEP’s educational programs since the year 2000.

Ben-Zion Levy, Editor, Kivunim

Mr. Levy was a founding director of Israel Educational Television’s cable channel. He has been involved with ICSEP since 1986 as producer of our instructional television series on the tenets of the Market-Economy. He has been our media advisor, and for the last three years has been editing and managing our website magazine, Kivunim, a website of ideas. Levy has been involved also in Israel-Diaspora relation, as director of the south-west US Aliya Center.

Yossi Tamar, Policy Programming Consultant

Mr. Tamar graduated in Law and in Economics from the Hebrew University. He manages the Constitution Project at the Shalem Center. Previously, he was an analyst for JP Morgan, and Logistic Manager at the Economics and Entrepreneurship Center in Jerusalem.

Oren Frieder, Director of University Programming and Internal Auditor

Mr. Frieder graduated from the Hebrew University and is currently an MBA candidate at the Recanati School for Business Administration at Tel Aviv University.

Vadim Zeitlin (Adam Zeit), Director of ICSEP's "Talkback Team"

Mr. Zeit, a former journalist in several Israeli computer magazines, currently studies Accounting & Economics in Ben Gurion University of the Negev. He currently writes a column in the economic section of NRG, Maariv's website. He also helps to develop, promote and teach "Economics for Kids", a financial education program for high-school students.

Shay Yitzhak Lior, Esq., Director of the High School Project and Legal Advisor

Mr. Lior graduated from an integrated program of Law and Accounting at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. He received an award of excellence from the Department of Accounting. He is currently studying for a second degree in Law. He completed his law internship at "Hertzog, Fox, Neeman", the biggest law office in Israel.

Dr. Dan Giladi, Consulting Economic Historian

Dr Giladi was the Inspector General of Social Science Studies for the Ministry of Education. He is a respected authority on the economic history of Israel, and author of many papers and several books on the subject.

Nili Fish, Office Administrator

Since joining ICSEP in 2005 as administrative director and personal assistance to Daniel Doron, Ms. Fish has assisted in various projects such as the university courses, the alumni and the financial reform projects.

Gaby Kaminsky, Co-Director of ICSEP’s University and High School Seminars

Since 2005, Mr. Kaminsky has lectured and carried out new programming for the center. He has served as the spokesman and manager at NOVA. He has also volunteered at several other NGO's, helping Latin-American new immigrants to Israel, aiding Ex-orthodox religious youth and founding the Dor Shalom youth movement. He has published several articles in _Haaretz_, one of Israel's most distinguished newspapers.

Barak Goldstein, Co-Director of ICSEP’s University and High School Seminars

Since 2005, Mr. Goldstein has lectured and carried out new programming for the center. He was the student's organizations representative in the effort to reform capital market and is the co-founder and joint managing director of NOVA – an NGO providing business and strategic consultation services for other NGO's. He also founded a volunteer's platform for youth at risk, and founded the DGM society for the development and promotion of economic programs for the Negev. He has published in _Globes_, Israel's economic newspaper.

Tal Badt, ICSEP Research Assistant

Ms. Badt graduated from Tel Aviv University in Law and Political Science. She is currently doing research on small businesses. Ms. Badt was a member of the Clinical Program Encouraging Small Enterprise Entrepreneurs & Economic Justice, focusing on the female religious sector, sponsored by The Buchmann Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University. She also volunteered to get legal aid to debt owners in the Baillif's Office and district court.

Iri Rikin, Media Relations

Iri Rikin is a popular literary critic who is also seen frequently on TV where he has his own program on literature.

Ziva Rabani, Esq., ICSEP’S Legal Advisor

Ms. Rabani runs a private legal practice in Jerusalem.

David Levin, ICSEP Research Assistant

Mr. Levin graduated from Ben Gurion University in mathematics, computer science and bio-informatics. He is currently doing research on the recent reform in the financial market for ICSEP’s book project.

Aviram Pulvermacher, Accountant

Mr. Pulvermacher runs a private accounting firm in Tel Aviv.

Adam Khan, Webmaster

Adam designs, develops and maintains web sites for organizations in Israel, the UK and the USA through his agency Adam can be contacted at


US Board of Governors
Richard Fox, Chairman
Prof. Irving Kristol, Chairman Emeritus
Kenneth Abramowitz, Bernard Groveman, Edward Minor, Vice Chairmen
Milton J. Schubin, Secretary
Daniel Doron, Director

ICSEP's Friends organization in the US is chaired by Richard Fox, Chairman of the Board of Temple University and a leading developer and major figure in American-Jewish politics. ICSEP's US Board includes such distinguished scholars as Professors Irving Kristol and prominent Jewish leaders, including two former National Chairmen of the United Jewish Appeal.

Howard Berkowitz
Midge Decter
Eugene M. Grant
Alexander Grass
Roger Hertog
Robert Israeloff

Morris M. Kaplan
Curtis Katz
Leslie Lenkowsky
Prof. Henry G. Manne
Prof. David Meiselman
Arthur Powell
Stephen Shalom

Prof. David Sidorsky
Prof. S. Fred Singer
Judge Abraham Sofaer
James S. Tisch
David Wachs
Alan Wurtzel

UK Board of Governors
David Lewis, CBE, FCA, President
Patrons: Lord Harris of High Cross, Lord Young of Graffham
Founders: The Late Sir Emmanuel Kaye, Lord Stanley Kalms
President Emeritus: Sir Ronald Cohen

ICSEP's British Friends:

Sir David Alliance
Stephen Barclay
Stanley Cohen
Ivor Connick
Walter Goldsmith

Maurice Hatter
Sir Anthony Jacobs
Sir Geoffrey Leigh
Conrad Morris
Gerald Ronson

Sir Sigmund Sternberg
Monty Sumray
Barry Townsley
Fred Worms


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 About Us 


A sound economy is crucial for Israel's future. Since its inception in 1984, ICSEP has helped shape the country's consensus towards economic liberalization and deregulation.


Richard Fox, Chairman
US Board of Governors

David Lewis, CBE, FCA, President
UK Board of Governers


Daniel Doron
Daniel Doron helped found Israel's Shinui (Change) Party, serves on various economic advisory boards, and publishes regular articles in the press.

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