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What public figures say about ICSEP's work

"Your materials are riveting, to the point, and analyse correctly what has taken place... Indeed, a free economy and true democracy march hand in hand, and they shall also lead to true peace... We shall continue to work together for the attainment of these goals."
Shimon Peres, former Prime Minister

"We need a change towards freer markets. What ICSEP does is to fulfill that role as a catalyst for change. I think it is irreplaceable."
Benjamin Netanyahu, former Prime Minister

"(I) salute the extraordinary work, which Daniel Doron and his institute have undertaken over the past decade to highlight the need for Israel to adopt the mechanisms of free market. While a decade ago your recommendations were considered overly ambitious, starry-eyed for a heavily state-dominated Israeli economy, today those same suggestions are clearly right in the mainstream... the U.S. government salutes your achievements, your institute's achievements ..."
The Honorable Stuart E. Eizenstat, Under Secretary of the US Treasury

"In the past decade Daniel Doron has consistently been perhaps the most effective proponent of a strictly free-market approach in Israel... He has consistently been farsighted in his evaluation of the Israeli economy. Israel would be far stronger today if he had been listened to and his advice acted upon."
Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate in Economics

"I am very grateful for your flawless hostmanship in arranging... our meetings with various personages. (It gave us) insights into people and politics (so that) my perceptions concerning that part of the world will never be the same. From what I observed your conference seemed most successful..."
Justice Antonin Scalia, US Supreme Court

"Thank you for your letter and the really terrific articles enclosed with it...they are all very interesting, worthwhile, and beautifully written. I hope your articles are getting a large audience in Israel. They certainly ought to."
Richard A. Posner, Chief Judge, United States Court of Appeals

"Thank you again for putting together such an excellent program. I thought we had a good cross section of people, and since it was one of the first substantive meetings of the trip, I obtained a well-rounded perspective that served me well ..."
Phil Gramm, United State Senator

"Your insights into the many political and bureaucratic problems that face Israel are both provocative and enlightening .I appreciate your efforts to inform the public on the important topic of promoting good government."
Stephen Goldsmith, Mayor, city of Indianapolis

"I could not agree with you more on the importance of the economic foundations of the peace process and have in fact devoted considerable effort to bringing down barriers to trade and investment within the region, both here and in my previous positions in Cairo. Thank you again for all of the assistance you have provided the Embassy over the years."
Edward S. Walker, Jr., US ambassador to Israel

"...All of us here at The Heritage Foundation applaud you for your extraordinary work in advancing the ideas of the free society which we share."
Edwin J. Feulner, Jr. President, The Heritage Foundation

"...I read the material with great interest and was deeply impressed by your ideas and by what the Israel Center for Social and Economic Progress stands for... I fully agree with the thrust of your argument of the close positive link between economic development, civil society and peace."
Saad Eddin Ibrahim, Chairman of the Board, Ibn Khaldoun center for development

"...I want to express thanks for the frankness and generosity you have shown me in all our contacts. Your spirit of cooperation has brought resolution to certain bilateral problems."
Tain P. Tompkins, Economic Counselor, Embassy of the United States of America

"...I benefited greatly from hearing many of the first rate speakers (in your conference on The Transition from a Regulated to a Free Economy) and the chance to meet many of the outstanding people you brought together for this conference."
Dr. Ron Kronish, The American Jewish Committee

"It is important that ICSEP's voice continue to ring out. Please keep up your efforts on behalf of the Jewish people."
Kenneth Bialkin, President, American-Israel Friendship League

"The ICSEP is like a breath of fresh air...In a small country of great promise that is being literally strangled by too large and intrusive a government...the Center not only preaches but, more important, documents the virtues of establishing free markets for free men, the only combination that has ever enabled countries to acheve both freedom and prosperity. It deserves the support of all of us who are deeply committed to the survival of a strong and healthy Israel."
Prof. Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate in Economics

"You are indeed waging a difficult struggle but it is imperative that you continue to do so."
Stuart Eizenstat, former US Under Secretary of Commerce

"ICSEP has become a major forum for the examination of Israel's economic problems. Its particular importance lies in its ability to stimulate many of Israel's economic decision makers, from all sectors of the economy, to rethink the basic premises that govern the conduct of economic affairs."
MK Uriel Lynn, former Chairman, Knesset Judicial Committee

"The audience at your law and economics conference was perhaps the most influential and outstanding group of jurists ever assembled in Israel. In my view, the conference contributed substantially to the advancement of free market ideas in Israel."
Professor Uriel Reichman, President, Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center

"You have had astonishing success with ICSEP. In the short time of its have had more influence in your country than we had in Britain in our first 10 years."
Arthur Seldon, Co-founder, Institute of Economic Affairs, London

The late Chaim Herzog speaking at an ICSEP conference, 1987

"ICSEP's approach to social and economic problems merits consideration and is of great interest to a Knesset member like myself who has to face daily concrete policy issues, both in the Knesset plenum and in the committees in which I serve or head."
MK Yehoshua Matza, former Minister of Health

"Thank you for including me in the dinner with Israeli Supreme Court Justices...I learned a lot...Your Center is surely doing good work."
Professor James Buchanan, Nobel Laureate in Economics

"Your conference was an occasion, for seminal thinking and the exchange of ideas on the highest level. The view of all the justices with whom I spoke was that it was most successful, both in its contents and in its organization."
Dr. S. Levin, Justice of the Supreme Court

"I enjoyed your conference [on "New Economics, New Politics"] immensely. The room was full of interesting people, all deeply interested in the health of the Israeli economy. There appears to be no doubt but that this conference was timely. You are to be congratulated on a great success."
Richard McCormack, former US Assistant Secretary of State for Economic Affairs

"The Israel government is at a point where it can be most receptive to the new ideas ICSEP is introducing in an effective manner, because ICSEP is dealing With people who actually -hold the levers of power and actually make the decisions."
Constance Horner, then US Deputy Secretary of Health & Human Services

Ethiopian immigrants learnings the fundamentals of economics at an ICSEP course

"As the Chairman of the Organization of Parliamentary Assistants, I admire and greatly appreciate the activities of your Center in which I have recently participated. I most note that your contribution has offered me new avenues of thought, which I have already started utilizing in my duties in the Knesset's Finance Committee and in my role as Secretary to the Social Lobby. Your Center has no competitor in the seriousness of its contribution and the great interest its activities generate."
Avi Baleshnikov, former Chairman, Organization of Parliamentary Assistants

"The conference organized by ICSEP on "New Economics, New Politics" gave us the opportunity to listen to very instructive lectures by experts from the US, Britain, Russia and Israel on current economic trends and their impact on our future. It was a most important occasion for exploring and analyzing the options that our country faces and the necessary economic transformation required in this critical period."
Mr. Meir Gabbai, then Civil Service Commissioner

"Thanks to ICSEP's help, I have just completed my first trip to Israel...[which] was nothing short of impressive. I am astounded by the number and quality of meetings that were put together...Your conference was without doubt first rate."
Jeb Hensarling, Executive Director, National Republican Senatorial Committee

"I am convinced that such a wealth of professional experiences as I had on your study mission shall not come my way for a long time, if ever...I was never a fan of the public sector, but now I know what damage it can do to the economy..."
Gadi Sukenik, news anchorman, Channel 2, Israel TV

"ICSEP has introduced innovative ideas into public life, has started people thinking about economic realities, and is generally doing an excellent job."
MK Amnon Rubinstein, former Minister of Education

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A sound economy is crucial for Israel's future. Since its inception in 1984, ICSEP has helped shape the country's consensus towards economic liberalization and deregulation.


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Daniel Doron
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