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Your proposed reforms are excellent. If you can get these adopted you will have achieved a miracle.

Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate in Economics

We need a change towards freer markets. What ICSEP does is to fulfill that role as a catalyst for change. I think it is irreplaceable.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister, Israel

ICSEP is like a breath of fresh air… It deserves the support of all of us who are deeply committed to the survival of a strong and healthy Israel.

Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate, Economics

Your materials are riveting, to the point, and analyse correctly what has taken place… Indeed, a free economy and true democracy march hand in hand, and they shall also lead to true peace…

Shimon Peres, President, Israel

The economic growth spurred by open markets is the engine to counter Islamist extremism. ICSEP is the beacon for the free market in the Middle East.

Mark Kenny, Rear Admiral, US Navy

ICSEP’s director, Daniel Doron, is a fearless fighter for a new independent and strong Israeli economy.

Natan Sharansky, Chairman, Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies, Shalem Center

I have known Daniel Doron for some twenty years and I have worked closely with him on a number of occasions. He is a firm believer in a free market system – unfortunately all too rare among Israeli intellectuals. His organization, the Israel Center for Social and Economic Progress, has been one of the few organizations, if not the only one, consistently on the right side… ICSEP and its Director Daniel Doron have consistently been perhaps the most effective proponent of a strictly free-market approach in Israel…

Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate, Economics

Daniel Doron is helping me fight the historic battle that is now taking place over the future of Israel’s economy.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister, Israel

[I] salute the extraordinary work, which Daniel Doron and his institute have undertaken over the past decade…

Stuart E. Eizenstat, Under Secretary, Treasury, United States

The U.S. government salutes your achievements, your institute’s achievements…

Stuart E. Eizenstat, Under Secretary, Treasury, United States

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 About Us 


A sound economy is crucial for Israel's future. Since its inception in 1984, ICSEP has helped shape the country's consensus towards economic liberalization and deregulation.


Richard Fox, Chairman
US Board of Governors

David Lewis, CBE, FCA, President
UK Board of Governers


Daniel Doron
Daniel Doron helped found Israel's Shinui (Change) Party, serves on various economic advisory boards, and publishes regular articles in the press.

The Israel
Center for
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an independent
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since 1984

Winner of the 2006 Templeton Award for Student Outreach and the 2005 Award for Institutional Excellence

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