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ICSEP has a small core administrative staff and hires outside experts to work on each of its projects, thereby cutting costs and achieving operational flexibility and quality.

Founder & Director

ICSEP’s founder and director is Daniel Doron, a third-generation sabra whose great-grandfather, Zorach Barnett, one of the first pioneers, came to Palestine from England in 1870.

Since 1983 Doron has devoted all his time to economic reform through ICSEP.

Director of Research, Emeritus

Prof. David Levhari

Hebrew University Professor of Economics David Levhari is former President of the Falk Economic Research Institute and an economist of international renown.


Ben-Zion Levy

Mr. Levy was a founding director of Israel Educational Television’s cable channel. He has been involved with ICSEP since 1986 as producer of our instructional television series on the tenets of the market economy. He has been our media advisor, and since 2003 has been editing and managing our website magazine of ideas, Kivunim.

Levy has been involved also in Israel-Diaspora relations, as director of the Aliya Center for the southwestern United States.

Policy Programming Consultant

Dr Gabriel Ben-Ami

Dr.Gabriel Ben-Ami graduated from Ben-Gurion University (BA and MA in Public Policy and Management) and Anglia Ruskin University (PhD). He teaches at Sapir College. His list of publications includes a book about parental choice of schooling as well as articles about education policy and parental choice. He writes for the Mar’aa weekly magazine.

Director of University Programming & IT and Internet projects

Lavie, Seigmann, Esq.

Mr. Seigmann graduated with honors from Haifa University (Dean’s list cum laude). He served as deputy director at an organizational consultancy firm and as a business development director for a science and technology IT media magazine. He currently serves as director of University Programming & IT and Internet projects.

Course Coordinator, Tel Aviv University and Sapir College; Programming and Assistant Director, The Center for Choice in Education

Yosi Ganel

Mr. Ganel completed a degree in Economics and History at Tel Aviv University. He is currently studying for an MA in Government at the Lauder School of the IDC Herzliya. At the IDC he works with both Dr. Oron and Professor Alex Mintz.

Previously, Mr. Ganel held positions in the Foreign Relations department of the Tel Aviv University Students’ Union. He was also a Koret-Milken fellow in the Knesset where he served as advisor to a Knesset member.

Policy Programming Consultant

Yossi Tamar

Mr. Tamar is a graduate of the Hebrew University with degrees in Law and in Economics. In addition to his work for ICSEP, he manages the Constitution Project at the Shalem Center.

Previously, he was an analyst for JP Morgan, and as Logistic Manager for the Economics and Entrepreneurship Center in Jerusalem.

Office Administrator

Galit Oshpitz Weinfeld

Mrs. Oshpitz Weinfeld is a graduate of the Hebrew University with a degree in Philosophy and General Studies. She completed her second degree in Law at Bar-Ilan University. Since joining ICSEP in 2008 as Administrative Director and personal assistant to Daniel Doron she has assisted in various projects, including the university courses.

Media Relations

Iri Rikin

Iri Rikin is a popular literary critic and makes frequent appearances on television, where he hosts his own program on literature.


Aviram Pulvermacher

Mr. Pulvermacher runs a private accounting firm in Tel Aviv.

Web Developer & Designer

Adam S Khan

Adam, who developed and designed the ICSEP web site using the ExpressionEngine system, builds web sites and systems at Adam can be contacted at

Advisors & Friends

ICSEP, founded in 1983 as an independent pro-market public policy think-tank, has an Israeli Board of Advisors comprised of over forty of the country’s most distinguished economists, jurists and social scientists.

ICSEP is completely non-partisan. Its board members represent all Israel’s universities and a broad spectrum of opinions. All Board members concur that Israel’s economy needs basic structural reform.

Board of Advisors

Public Board

  • David Alexander
  • Eli Ayalon
  • David Boas
  • Isaac Dvash
  • Yossi Hollander

Bar-Ilan University

  • Dr. Sarit Cohen-Goltner
  • Prof. Arieh Hillman
  • Prof. Yehoshua Lieberman
  • Prof. Yaffa Machnes
  • Prof. Shoshana Neuman
  • Prof. Yaacov Parush
  • Prof. Yaacov Rosenberg

Ben-Gurion University

  • Prof. Oded Hochman

Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center

  • Prof. Moshe Bar-Niv
  • Prof. Uriel Reichman

Haifa University

  • Prof. Nahum Biger
  • Prof. Moshe Kim
  • Prof. Arieh Melnick
  • Prof. Steven Plaut

Hebrew University

  • Prof. Avi Ben-Bassat
  • Prof. Menachem Brenner
  • Prof. Avraham Friedman
  • Prof. Dan Galai
  • Prof. Israel Gilad
  • Prof. Yoram Lanskroner
  • Prof. Yehushua Porat
  • Prof. Uriel Procaccia
  • Prof. Eytan Sheshinsky

The Technion

  • Prof. Benny Eden
  • Prof. Uri Ben-Zion
  • Prof. Moshe Bental

Tel Aviv University

  • Prof. Gideon Doron
  • Prof. Zvi Eckstein
  • Prof. Dan Givoli
  • Prof. Avner Kalay
  • Prof. Shlomo Kalish
  • Prof. Emmanuel Marx
  • Prof. Assaf Razin
  • Prof. Ephraim Sadka
  • Prof. Itzhak Swari
  • Prof. Joseph Gross


  • Dr. Meir Tamari, former Chief Economist, Bank of Israel
  • Prof. Nava Haruvy, Netanya Academic College


The Friends of ICSEP organization in the United States is chaired by Richard Fox, Chairman of the Board of Temple University and a leading developer and major figure in American-Jewish politics.

ICSEP’s US Board includes such distinguished scholars as Professor Irving Kristol and prominent Jewish leaders, including two former national chairmen of the United Jewish Appeal.

US Board of Governors

  • Richard Fox, Chairman
  • Prof. Irving Kristol, Chairman Emeritus
  • Kenneth Abramowitz, Vice Chairman
  • Edward Minor, Vice Chairman
  • Milton J. Schubin, Secretary
  • Daniel Doron, Director

American Friends

  • Howard Berkowitz
  • Midge Decter
  • Eugene M. Grant
  • Roger Hertog
  • Robert Israeloff
  • Morris M. Kaplan
  • Curtis Katz
  • Leslie Lenkowsky
  • Prof. Henry G. Manne
  • Prof. David Meiselman
  • Prof. David Sidorsky
  • Prof. S. Fred Singer
  • Judge Abraham Sofaer

UK Board of Governors

  • David Lewis, CBE, FCA, President
  • Lord Young of Graffham, Patron
  • The Late Sir Emmanuel Kaye, Founder
  • Lord Stanley Kalms, Founder
  • Sir Ronald Cohen, President Emeritus

British Friends

  • Sir David Alliance
  • Stephen Barclay
  • Stanley Cohen
  • Ivor Connick
  • Walter Goldsmith
  • Maurice Hatter
  • Sir Anthony Jacobs
  • Sir Geoffrey Leigh
  • Conrad Morris
  • Gerald Ronson
  • Sir Sigmund Sternberg
  • Monty Sumray
  • Barry Townsley
  • Fred Worms

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