George Melloan

25 May ’04

The most prominent foreign journalist to attend the Herzliya Conference on Israel’s Balance of National Strength and Security, where ICSEP was responsible for the sessions on economic and technological issues, was The Wall Street Journal’s Foreign Editor, Mr.

George Melloan.

An ICSEP distinguished guest, Mr.

Melloan participated in most of the three-day conference’s sessions.

To acquaint Mr.

Melloan with a full spectrum of the Israeli media, and to have representatives of the media meet him and hear his comments on the recent US election, ICSEP arranged a dinner in his honor on the eve of the conference.

In attendance were 35 prominent journalists, including the publisher of Haaretz and its two top columnists, the op-ed editors of Maariv and Globes, and the top organizers of the conference.

Mr. Melloan surveyed the election process and its results, and explained what Americans who voted from Bush expected from his administration. To the Israeli journalists, who usually get all their information from The New York Times, Time, Newsweek and CNN, his perspective was unfamiliar, to say the least.

ICSEP took Mr. Melloan on a tour of Jerusalem’s Old City, where he heard from some Arab merchants about their serious objections to Israel ceding sections of the Old City to the Palestinian Authority.

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